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Multimedia Portfolio


Viral TikToks


LGBT History Month

Did you know that LGBT History Month started in St. Louis?.


Cherokee Caves

There were once over 50 caves under St. Louis. Learn more with the link below.


Talk Like a St. Louisan

I shared some words that St. Louisans tend to pronounce a little differently....

Latest Work

Nine PBS

The 1990 Earthquake Panic

This story was born out of a viral TikTok I posted to Nine PBS's account. I was intrigued by the 1990 Earthquake Survival Guide we had in our archives and I decided to learn more. This segment aired on broadcast and is on our YouTube channel

St. Louis' Top 10 Creepiest Stories

I produced this video, which has over 40 thousand views on YouTube, for Nine PBS. I interviewed Author Troy Taylor and learned about some spooky urban legends and true stories about the St. Louis region.

Egrets and Herons in the Central West End

Egrets and Herons in the St. Louis region found a new place to set up a rookery- the middle of the Central West End. I interviewed a local bird expert to find out why the birds chose such a strange location.

In-Depth Reporting

Through my convergence journalism classes, I did in-depth reporting in mid-Missouri creating audio, video and print stories. I report on everything from health, to business, focusing on the many disparities that exist in rural communities. Take a look at some of my work.

Health Reporting

To me, health reporting is the most impactful subject, and I pursued it at KBIA. There, I created the sexual health beat, and reported for KBIA's series Missouri Health Talks. My work addresses stigmatized topics, like birth control, STIs and UTIs. It has shown me how journalism can give voices to these issues and the people who experience them.

Social Media

Social media videos are my forte. In January of 2022, I began running Nine PBS's TikTok and Instagram Reels. In just a year, our TikTok reached over 12,000 followers. My favorite videos to create are our explainers, which dive deep into the history of our region.

State Capitol Reporting

I was a reporter for the Missouri News Network, so every week for a semester I would travel to Jefferson City to report on legislation or special events. Here's my coverage of the Bernie Sanders rally in St. Louis.

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